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cold hearted
   you've departed
   fallen from
    your star

you keep wondering
   if you'll
   find something
    that says
    who you are
  [You Run]

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and what if
   the walls came down?

what if
   the guard dog drowned?
and gave his sweet heart
   to set you free?
[Keep on Righting the Wrong]

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your words are not
   enough to sell
your soul to
   those around you

you'll have to give
   just a little more
or give back
   what I've given you

and a secret untold
   is a secret that grows old
and a secret not found
   eventually erodes
[Secret Heart]

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we're just the fighting kind
   living round to round
   got the gloves on all the time

can't understand what we have found
   too foolish too proud
   our first thoughts come out loud

and we'd say it different every time
   if we could read each other's minds
   we're just the fighting kind
   [The Fighting Kind]



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